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Savills Directors Deals

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Savills Plc Ord 2.5P Deals

9-MAY-2019Transfer FromMark Ridley0.007,9260.00
9-MAY-2019SellMark Ridley884.203,733£ 33,007.19
9-MAY-2019Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.007,9260.00
9-MAY-2019SellSimon J B Shaw884.207,926£ 70,081.69
18-MAR-2019Transfer FromMark Ridley0.0071,5830.00
18-MAR-2019SellMark Ridley916.7933,712£ 309,068.24
18-MAR-2019Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.0066,1360.00
18-MAR-2019SellSimon J B Shaw916.7966,136£ 606,328.23
24-APR-2018Transfer FromJeremy C Helsby0.0079,5340.00
24-APR-2018SellJeremy C Helsby979.3579,534£ 778,916.23
24-APR-2018Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.0058,8550.00
24-APR-2018SellSimon J B Shaw979.3558,855£ 576,396.44
24-APR-2018Transfer FromJeremy C Helsby0.0061,7740.00
24-APR-2018SellJeremy C Helsby979.3561,774£ 604,983.67
24-APR-2018Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.0039,3100.00
24-APR-2018SellSimon J B Shaw979.3539,310£ 384,982.49
14-AUG-2017Transfer FromJeremy C Helsby0.0041,1290.00
14-AUG-2017SellJeremy C Helsby8.6841,129£ 3,570.00
14-AUG-2017Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.0022,8490.00
14-AUG-2017SellSimon J B Shaw8.6822,849£ 1,983.29
18-MAY-2017Transfer FromJeremy C Helsby0.0076,6760.00
18-MAY-2017Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.0057,4780.00
18-MAY-2017SellJeremy C Helsby910.3876,676£ 698,042.97
18-MAY-2017SellJeremy C Helsby910.3876,676£ 698,042.97
18-MAY-2017SellSimon J B Shaw910.3857,478£ 523,268.22
16-MAY-2017SellJeremy C Helsby917.5540,000£ 367,020.00
10-APR-2017BuySimon J B Shaw936.5014£ 131.11
23-MAR-2017SellJeremy C Helsby897.2332,454£ 291,187.02
23-MAR-2017SellSimon J B Shaw876.7523,423£ 205,361.15
10-MAR-2017Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.00140.00
10-FEB-2017Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.00150.00
10-JAN-2017Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.00180.00
12-DEC-2016Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.00180.00
10-NOV-2016Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw696.5018£ 125.37
10-OCT-2016Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw719.3917£ 122.30
12-SEP-2016Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw747.5017£ 127.08
10-AUG-2016Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw675.7519£ 128.39
11-JUL-2016BuySimon J B Shaw609.9820£ 122.00
29-JUN-2016Transfer FromSimon J B Shaw0.0044,2930.00
29-JUN-2016Transfer FromJeremy C Helsby0.0061,3710.00

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