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Bango Directors Deals

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Bango Plc Ord 20P Deals

8-FEB-2018SellGianluca D'Agostino177.5018,000£ 31,950.00
3-APR-2017SellRay Anderson147.0014,000£ 20,580.00
3-APR-2017SellAnil Malhotra151.0010,000£ 15,100.00
27-MAY-2016BuyRachel Elias-Jones48.484,100£ 1,987.68
27-MAY-2016BuyRay Anderson48.604,913£ 2,387.72
27-MAY-2016BuyGerry Tucker48.665,112£ 2,487.50
7-JAN-2016SellAnil Malhotra105.0020,000£ 21,000.00
15-JUL-2015Notification of HoldingRay Anderson0.0000.00
6-JUL-2015Notification of HoldingRay Anderson0.0000.00
8-APR-2015Notification of HoldingRay Anderson0.0000.00
26-NOV-2014SellAnil Malhotra120.009,330£ 11,196.00
23-JUL-2014BuyRay Anderson99.40191,146£ 189,999.12
6-JUN-2014BuyGerry Tucker121.203,702£ 4,486.82
16-JAN-2014SellAnil Malhotra188.005,855£ 11,007.40
4-OCT-2013BuyGerry Tucker130.001,903£ 2,473.90
4-OCT-2013BuyGerry Tucker133.251,857£ 2,474.45
3-APR-2013SellAnil Malhotra215.005,000£ 10,750.00
28-MAR-2013BuyRay Anderson217.5055,172£ 119,999.10
28-MAR-2013BuyGerry Tucker222.254,471£ 9,936.80
23-AUG-2012SellPeter Saxton179.50386,701£ 694,128.30
23-AUG-2012Exercise of optionPeter Saxton0.00236,3270.00
28-MAR-2012Notification of HoldingPeter Saxton0.0000.00
5-JAN-2011SellLindsay C N Bury150.00295,000£ 442,500.00
12-FEB-2010Notification of HoldingAnil Malhotra0.0000.00
5-JAN-2010Notification of HoldingMartin Rigby0.0000.00
5-JAN-2010Notification of HoldingPeter Saxton0.0000.00
5-JAN-2010Notification of HoldingAnil Malhotra0.0000.00
5-JAN-2010Notification of HoldingRay Anderson0.0000.00
5-JAN-2010Notification of HoldingLindsay C N Bury0.0000.00
28-NOV-2008BuyPeter Saxton42.0025,000£ 10,500.00
27-NOV-2008Notification of HoldingLindsay C N Bury0.0000.00
27-NOV-2008BuyLindsay C N Bury42.0050,000£ 21,000.00
14-AUG-2008BuyLindsay C N Bury31.50100,000£ 31,500.00
29-JUL-2008PlacingAnil Malhotra33.5020,000£ 6,700.00
29-JUL-2008PlacingRay Anderson33.50476,776£ 159,719.96
29-JAN-2008BuyPeter Saxton23.00125,374£ 28,836.02
18-JUL-2007BuyLindsay C N Bury45.0075,000£ 33,750.00
18-JUL-2007BuyLindsay C N Bury44.0025,000£ 11,000.00
20-OCT-2005BuyLindsay C N Bury198.00126,080£ 249,638.40

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